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gLite User Tutorials#

This section is intended as a quickstart for users with none or small experience in use of the gLite middleware. The section is divided in different sub-topics, but it's mandatory starting from the one regarding authentication and authorization.

Basic #

Certificate Management

Authentication & authorization

Browsing Information System (BDII)

Simple job submission (using WMProxy interface)

Basic Data Management

Medium #

Browsing into the VOMS SERVER machine (WEB)

Requesting Voms Group/Role in Proxy

Credential Delegation through MyProxy

Jobs MPI

Quickstart for complex jobs : DAG, collection, parametric jobs

More on JDL

Job requesting data (glite-wms* commands)

Job requesting data - A Grid application case

Metadata : introduction to AMGA

Advanced queries to the MDS/BDII

More on LCG File Catalog

Secure Storage Service: manage confidential data in the gLite middleware

More on Data Management

Recursive file catalog/storage element interaction using lcg-rec-tools

GridFTP low level tools

Use Parrot for attaching existing programs to remote I/O systems

Advanced #

Use of GFAL for remote access to file

Application Monitoring with RGMA

File replicas with FTS (updated to FTS 2.0)

AMGA advanced usage

Leverage gLite DMS To Secure Your data using ACLs and VOMS Groups/Roles

Accessing pre-existing databases through AMGA

Usage of the SRM interface of Storage Elements

Auxiliary middleware tools#

Simple job submission (using GridWay)

Array job submission (using GridWay)

Workflows (using GridWay)

Programming with DRMAA (using GridWay)


Database access and management with GDSE

Grid Database Management with GRelC

GENIUS Grid Portal Hands-on

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