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The laboratory

Training on Science Gateway application development requires a lab able to provide a computer workstation for each participant.  Of course it is also possible to share a single workstation among users or allowing people to use their own laptops, in such latter case their hardware and software requirements must comply with the following requirements

Student PCs

The user workstation in training environments must comply with the following hardware and software requirements:


  • Any CPU of x86_64 family
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • At least 80GB of disk space



Any desktop environment like: Windows, Linux or MacOSX.
The specific software mandatory requirements are:

  • Provide any Office suite solution able at least to show presentation files in PDF and PPT formats
  • Ensure the operating system is well connected to internet and provides one or more of the following browsers: Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.


The development environment can be installed into the native OS environment in case of: MacOSx and Linux EL5/6 (Ubuntu and Debian are not tested yet); otherwise, it is needed to install a virtualization software such as:


Lab facilities

The  hosting institute should provide a special desk for tutors participating to the school placed in a comfortable way in order to best offer support to the participants. Normally tutors do not need a dedicated workstation but it is recommended to verify this since not all tutors may bring their own laptops.

The laboratory should provide a projector able to show tutors? slides to all participating students.

In case of big training rooms it could be necessary to provide a sound system able to let all participant to hear the tutor while explaining topics.


Grid Services

It is recommended to provide a user account into a gLite/EMI or any other middleware UI. The native middleware user interface will be used only to compile the student applications and test on it a single run. It is recommended to verify in advance software requirements of any student application.
Although the Science Gateway architecture has been thought to be multi-middleware some specific middleware information could be necessary:


The training demo applications contain some pre-configured grid infrastructure settings; more in general gLite middleware requires:

  • The location of the top BDII in the form of (ldap://?:2170)
  • Optionally the location of a WMS in the form of (wms://?:7443/glite_wms_wmproxy_server)
  • A list of CE that could offer a particular resource
  • The VO name and roles to be specified while generating the proxy certificate for the job
  • It is also possible to use a personal certificate instead of Robot proxies as well.


tbd; please contact us


ttbd; please contact us


ttbd; please contact us

Remote training and media registration

We normally allow both registration and remote trainings with  any videoconferencing solution provided by the hosting institution. In such cases we cannot support hosting institute to provide or configure any videoconferencing or registration system. We cannot also guarantee the support for people participating from remote.

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