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Keystore Setup

Keystore setup instructions#

First of all, download the keystore vifrtual appliance from the following link If this is the first time, send an email to to get the credentials to access the above link and root password of the virtual machine.

  • Login as root and install CA, CRL and VOMS certificates in:
  • Configure your firewall opening port "25406";
  • Login as securestorage user:
su - securestorage
  • Copy your host certificate and private key in:
  • Setting properly certificate and private key file permissions:
chmod 644 <certificate.pem>
chmod 400 <privatekey.pem>
  • Start the keystore service:
  • Backup periodically keys stored in:
  • You could stop the service using the following command:
kill -9 <keystore_pid>

You could change default path modifying keystore configuration file located in:


Below an example of the keystore configuration:

# server daemon property file

#network = 25406

#security = /opt/keystore/cert/hostcert.pem = /opt/keystore/cert/hostkey.pem = /etc/grid-security/certificates/ = /opt/keystore/cert/x509_up_serverdaemon = 1 =
server.database.path = /opt/keystore/data
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