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Get your certificate

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Step 1: Get your personal certificate

In order to access the GILDA testbed you need a Personal Certificate of the GILDA Certification Authority Here is the procedure you have to follow:

  1. Install the GILDA CA Certificate in your web browser;
  2. Ask for your Personal Certificate;
  3. Install your Personal Certificate in your web browser, using the VERY SAME browser from which you submitted the request; this is mandatory because the private key of the certificate is generated by the browser at the time you submit the request this is mandatory because the private key of the certificate is generated by the browser at the time you submit the request;
  4. Export your Personal Certificate from your browser (for an example with Microsoft Explorer click here);

All these steps are described in detail in the following:

1. Install the GILDA CA certificate in your web browser
Go to the GILDA CA URL:

and select "GILDA CA Certificate". Then, follow the instructions to install in your web browser the GILDA CA certificate. From this moment on your browser will validate Personal Certificates issued by the GILDA CA (like yours).

2. Create your private key with your web browser
Once the GILDA CA Certificate is installed in your web browser, go to:

and select "Request a personal certificate". Compile carefully the form, verify it and send it. At this point your web browser will ask you for the certificate password (or to create a new one, if you never used certificates before). This password is used to the encrypt your private key before saving it locally and must be saved and remembered with great care. Then the web browser will generate the couple of private-public keys and it will send your public key to the GILDA CA to be verified and signed. The form you have to compile contains information about an account name and password. This account is the one you have to use in the GENIUS web portal. The account is automatically created when your certificate is signed by the GILDA CA.

3. Install your GILDA Personal Certificate in your web browser
In a typical time of 12-24 hours you will receive an email from the GILDA CA with the URL from where you can download your GILDA Personal Certificate (see an example). You MUST use the same web browser and the same machine you used to generate the private-public keys to open that URL. The web browser will then install your Personal Certificate (i.e., your public key signed by the GILDA CA) and you will be prompted for the password of your private key.

4. Export your GILDA Personal Certificate from your web browser
At this point, both your Personal Certificate and your private key are saved in an encrypted form in the configuration files of your web browser. The next step is now to export them from the web browser and put them on a secure support (hard disk, floppy, etc.) in order to use them to access the GENIUS web portal If, for example, you use Netscape/Mozilla as favorite web browser, go to:
Edit / Preferences / Privacy and Security / Certificates / Manage Certificates / Backup

You will be prompted for a filename which will contain your certificate and your private key. Your web browser will ask you for the important password to decrypt the certificate and the private key. Then it will ask for a new password. This password will be used to encrypt the new file. Please, CAREFULLY NOTE all these passwords because they are needed to access the GILDA Testbed.

M. Luvisetto wrote a more exhaustive guide about certificates (external link):

More info?

The first part of this document can give you a general overview about the certificates and the Globus Security Infrastructure (GSI):

Another good introduction is available at the Globus site:

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