New GILDA usage rule

Tutorials have precedence with respect to testing and pre-porting of applications on GILDA. In order to minimize the interference of testing during practicals, a mechanism has been put in place that filters ALL GILDA users out the gridmap-files of the GILDA RBs during tutorials. Look at the page to see when you can use GILDA for testing and when you can not.
If you try to submit jobs during a "forbidden" period you will most probably get errors like this:

Selected Virtual Organisation name (from --vo option): gilda
**** Error: API_NATIVE_ERROR ****
Error while calling the "NSClient::multi" native api
AuthenticationException: Failed to establish security context...
**** Error: UI_NO_NS_CONTACT ****
Unable to contact any Network Server

Please, take this new usage rule into account when you plan your testing activity.
IMPORTANT: if you are the organizer/tutor of a forthcoming tutorial, please inform the GILDA Team (using the support system as soon as possible and we will put your DN in the white list so that you can continue your light testing.